How Governments should Respond

Covid-19 will pose severe challenges to society in 2020. These will include

  • Health services – these could easily get overwhelmed
  • Workforce shortages – we will feel the lack of employees in some industries very acutely eg health, docks, truck drivers, people maintaining utilities etc
  • Law and Order
  • Economy – some sectors will be devastated – we will need a plan to get them back
  • Supply chain – we may need to re-establish certain manufacturing here

It appears that we have more time to prepare than Italy or South Korea but it is important to use the time carefully. We should also learn from history.

An analysis of the response (suboptimal) to the Spanish Flu is here

An analysis of the response to the Mississippi flood of 1927 is here

and was generally but not universally considered to be good.

At this stage of the crisis, consideration should be given to naming an individual to be in charge of the planning and response and to start to create the framework for the crisis response.

Economic intervention from Government will be needed. A rush to simplistic measures such as interest rates cuts and cash vouchers should be avoided