VPN Part 2 Remote Access

A remote access VPN is what you would use to connect to the office network from a computer that is outside of the LAN. The practice manager might have a computer at home that she wants to connect temporarily to the network to do some remote work

In this scenario, the remote computer runs a VPN client software which creates a virtual network adapter on the client computer. The VPN server will need to authenticate the remote user, allocate an IP address to the remote client and inform the client of the DNS server on the home network to use. It will also need to add to the client PCs routing table the VPN server’s end of the tunnel as the gateway for packets destined for the office network

VPN technology that traverses NAT such as SSL, IKE , SoftEther etc will easily work behind the home router. A static IP address is not needed for the remote user’s home network.

The steps for the remote user are to connect to the VPN and then use a tool like remote desktop connection to connect to a computer within the office network. This technique is very resistant to compromise by ransomware