Securing the network

The first principle is that

it is difficult to secure your on-site backups.  If you cannot set up network segmentation and SMB free backup you must use cloud backup

The Attack Surface

The attack surface is a list of ways in which your network can be attacked.  For our small business network this includes From the internet – a direct attack on the internet address of the routerVia email – a malicious attachment or linkVia WiFi Via USB – infection inadvertently or maliciously through a USB port.  …

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Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

The remote desktop protocol (RDP) is a protocol used by remote desktop to connect to a windows machine remotely.  Although it is a Microsoft protocol, the client is available for Linux, Mac, ipad etc. RDP access on a computer is enabled through the properties of “my computer” or “this pc” and users can be specifically …

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How Much can a NGFW do?

A next generation firewall can add a great deal of security to the network. Configured correctly it will not allow connection to known malicious sites. It will scan all unencrypted traffic so has a good chance of blocking the downloading of a virus from a website if that download is not using encryption. One hopes …

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The Email Problem

The two most common distribution vectors for ransomware are RDP and email. RDP is relatively easy to secure by interposing a VPN.  The email route poses a near intractable threat. As mentioned under firewalls, a NGFW can do a good job of combating most email threats.  Webmail services can be made subject to a custom …

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